It is with deep sadness I announce the passing of my beloved partner and best friend Isabelle Goutines.

Isabelle Goutines

Isabelle was diagnosed with Stage 4 terminal cancer in January 2021 with an initial prognosis of 3 to 6 months. Following Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy in early 2021 she seemed to recover with a reduction in tumors, however in December 2022 Isabelle underwent surgery to remove a tumour and section of large bowel and was home for Christmas. At the beginning of June 2023 she lost all control and coordination of her left side due to oedema (swelling) caused by a metastasized brain tumour and was hospitalised. Steroids reduced the swelling sufficiently allowing her to travel to France with her children to be with her family.

On Friday 30th June she was admitted to a clinic in severe pain, refused any further surgical intervention and asked for sedation which was given.

Isabelle passed quietly and peacefully Sunday July 2nd among family and with her children holding her hand.

Rest In Peace my Beloved Isabelle.

Isabelle Nathalie Marie Goutines 30/03/1971 – 02/07/2023

Bonne nuit ma belle femme.

Je t’aimais, je t’aime, je t’aimerai.

“Profound grief is a small price to pay for the deepest love.”

Isabelle Goutines


If your need is urgent, please contact one of Isabelle’s peers and recommended practitioners at Sue Allen Therapies

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Warmest wishes,

Isabelle Goutines

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