Q: What will I experience?
A: This varies from person to person. And each session can be very different too. Many people find the experience very relaxing. Some people find this very beneficial to their well-being, while for others the changes are very subtle. Some people reports feeling heat or cold or a tingling sensation. While others may see colours or have unexpected memories re-emerging. Healing could also be experienced as nothing at all which is perfectly fine.

Q: What happens during a healing?
A: We starts with a short conversation about your reasons for seeking healing at this time. I will ask you to fill in small questionnaire. I work with your permission only, by placing the hands off the body into the energy fields around you. I sometimes placed my hands onto your shoulders and feet, with your permission. I’ll ask you to lay on the couch fully closed, covered with a blanket if you wish. You may remove your shoes, coat and spectacles if this is more comfortable. There is time at the end of the healing to sit and discuss your experience and answer your questions.

Q: Can anyone receiving healing?
A: Yes. All ages are welcomed. However healing is not a substitute for professional medical advice. This is an addition to allopathic medicine. All children under 18 must be accompanied by someone with parental responsibility. All pregnant women will be asked to obtain written consent from their GP or midwife in charge.

Q: How long does a healing session take?
A: One hour and 15 minutes.

Q: How many sessions?
A: This is entirely up to you. For some one session is enough, while others prefer to work in block sessions.
My observations are that the benefits are deeper with a longer lasting effects when people are able to receive a number of sessions. Like anything in life, healing of an issue can take time.
The first session is the first point of contact we have, where we get to know each other and both assess if we are happy to continue working together.

Q: Post healing?
A: Healing is powerful energy work. Sometimes people feel great and energised straight away, however it can be completely normal to experience some tiredness, emotional release and even at times things to worsen slightly before they get better. Any of these could be normal reaction for up to 36 hours after a healing.
It is suggested to keep well hydrated after a healing is received, to keep the energy moving in the body.

Q: Confidentiality?
A: All that happens during a session is strictly confidential. Unless in exceptional circumstances where, by law, I am obligated to disclose information.

Q: Accessibility?
A: There is free parking on the street if you are driving. A number of buses are within a few minutes walk. Please note that there is a flight of stair on arrival.

Q: Punctuality?
A: Please arrive on time to your appointment. I have no waiting room, so an early arrival means you will have to wait outside until the schedule time, arriving late and your session will be shorten at full fee.

Q: Cancellation Policy?
A: I have a 48h cancellation policy.

Q: How to explain energy healing?
A: For more information, “The living Matrix” is a truly fantastic film from the perspective of the scientific community on various energy healing modalities. Available free on you tube.