Download my Regression Therapy Case Study information brochure for clients:  Regression Therapy Case Studies Wanted

Regression therapy is about finding the root of the issue presented by the client through a verbal exchange.

It starts with a questionnaire to fill in and return to me prior to the session, and a small interview on arrival to find the exact most appropriate and relevant intention for the client on the day. Then I lead the client under hypnosis into a deeply relaxed state, and then we enter a past life. This can be experienced in any way that works best for the client, and no two experiences are the same. There is no right or wrong. It is just an experience. People use their imagination to lead them into the experience.

Whether people believe in past life or are more sceptical is totally irrelevant, for what matters is the transformation that people experience in the here and now. Regression therapy is a very powerful tool of transformation which can be used working on pretty much anything that people want to find some resolve or positive change in their life. It can be even out of curiosity.

A session will last on average 2h30 hours.