Q: How successful regression really is?
A: The success of regression and hypnosis depends on the strength of your desire to change and transform this particular situation in your life, which is your motivation.

Q: What will happen?
A: We will have a chat to review how you are doing, then I will ask you to lay down on the couch fully clothed covered by a blanket and I will use either hypnosis or a bridging method to bring you into a light trance state to allow the issue to be worked on. It will be fully interactive through your answers to my questions. This work allows for the release of emotions, so I will encourage you to go with whatever comes up for you at the time. It can bring about some catharsis and body therapy.

Q: What to expect?
A: Expect the unexpected! Why?
Each experience is totally unique. I work with your imagination and your senses, so as I guide you along you will get a sense, a knowing, or perhaps an image, a sound, a smell or a taste and from there the story will unfold.
Because when  you come to resolve your issue or problem, I look for the source cause to help you reach your goal. This can go into any directions such as current life or past life issue or releasing anything that doesn’t belong to you as in spirit release.

Q: How many sessions?
A: An average of three to six sessions is recommended to reach full completion of your goal. This can be a mix of several regressions, part-therapy and hypnosis or even healing. Often we will move through the multiple layers of your subconscious mind. When a session has started, it is important to go to the end of the process to feel any kind of relief. So if at the end of the session, the work is not complete, then you will have to come back to reach completion. What happens if you don’t? The work will be incomplete and yet unresolved with an issue having been brought up to the surface from the depth of your subconscious and you are unlikely to feel better.

Q: Can anyone receiving a Regression?
A: Not for anyone with cardiac problem, pace maker, pregnant, children under 18. However, I can work with those through a surrogate person. Please note that hypnosis and regression is not a substitute for professional medical advice. This is an addition to allopathic medicine.

Q: Length and price?
A: While I work with you to complete a session once started, my goal is to either bring you to full resolution or to a safe place to be then continued as soon as possible. To this end I am generous with my time up to 3h45. Please note that my £180 fee increases to £230 after 3h00.

Q: Any preparation?
A: Please keep well hydrated with water and avoid too much caffeine 24h prior. Please refrain from any alcoholic beverages and drugs for 48h prior to your appointment, unless prescribed medication from your GP. Finally have a good night sleep and eat a good meal on the day as you will need both to keep your energy levels up for this work.

Q: Post session?
A: Please continue to drink ample water for the next 48h to keep the energy moving. Keep note of any new thoughts, emotions or symptoms. You might be feeling a bit tired, puzzled or emotional for a day or two before it settles. What emerged might have been unexpected, however there are usually some patterns or a deep recognition which will make sense to you.
But the most important is to notice the change with the symptoms you came with and how are those evolving after the work as this is the reason you came.

Q: What are the measurable symptoms?
A: I work with measurable symptoms in the initial questionnaire and at beginning of each session. We will make a 30 minutes telephone RDV at the end of the therapy to assess how successful you have been with reaching your goal.

Q: Confidentiality?
A: All that happens during a session is strictly confidential. Unless in exceptional circumstances where, by law, I am obligated to disclose informations.

Q: Accessibility?
A: There is free parking on the street if you are driving. A number of buses are within a few minutes walk. Please note that there is a flight of stair on arrival.

Q: Punctuality?
A: Please arrive on time to your appointment. I have no waiting room, so an early arrival means you will have to wait outside until the schedule time, arriving late and your session will be shorten at full fee.

Q: Cancellation Policy?
A: I have a 48h cancellation policy.