Hypnosis is a safe and very powerful energy therapy that can help you with:

  • weight control
  • stop smoking
  • fears and phobias
  • IBS
  • anxieties
  • stress management
  • quality sleep
  • improving performances: sports, performances, public speech, exam nerves
  • improving memory
  • unwanted habits
  • increased confidence, self belief

I am leading you with my voice to reach a deep state of relaxation. Most people find this very enjoyable and deeply relaxing. I will then tell you a story, filled with positive suggestions and various ways to overcome any obstacles that stand between you and your desired outcome. This is very similar to a bedtime story read by a loved one to child.

We will have previously established in our discussions and through the initial questionnaire, before doing the hypnosis, what you desire to achieve, and what obstacles are you facing that are preventing you from reaching your goal and the best way to resolve this issue. Hypnosis therapy is always uniquely tailored for each individual.

I have a diverse range of techniques to help you with. So in order to achieve long-lasting results, or transformation, I usually work in about four sessions of various length. 

The first two with suggestions working when you are deeply relaxed. 

The third with Emotrance, where you actively participate and we focus on any energy blockages, through colours and shapes, to release any blockages held subconsciously, preventing you from achieving your goal.

The last session is a resolution for inner conflict called Part-Therapy. This requires your full participation, I am only here to guide you in the process, as you find your own answers and solutions to help you move forward into some long-lasting positive changes. We all have a set of different inner “voices” governing our lives, or different “hats” we wear depending on the occasion. For instance in one day, we may wear our “business hat”, then our “parent hat” on, later our “professor hat”, or our “loving friend hat”, at other times our “party hat”. These are all different part of us that emerge in various situations throughout each day. However sometimes, if two of our internal parts are in opposition or disagree, all for our own best interest of course, then we can not fully move forward until they have reached a new agreement. I, then, act as a mediator between them both, until they have found a new acceptable solution for them both and are in full agreement.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung