Q: What is hypnosis?
A: It is a deep state of relaxation, a natural state of being. A similar state as being totally absorbed with an activity, such as reading a book, watching a film or playing a video game. It is the daily state of being half awake and half asleep when going to sleep at night or waking in the morning.

Q: How successful hypnosis really is?
A: The success of hypnosis depends on the strength of your desire to change and transform this particular situation in your life, which is your motivation. It also depends on your active participation, so the more you can tell me, the more I am able to help you. To help you in this process, I have a varied range of tools to use, such as individually tailored visualisations while deeply relaxed, emotrance and part-therapy.

Q: What happens during hypnosis?
A: Through relaxation, your subconscious comes to the forefront instead of your everyday conscious mind. It is in your subconscious that permanent changes are happening for longer lasting effect. During a hypnosis session you will lay on a comfortable couch, fully clothed, covered with blankets.

Q: How much in control am I?
A: You are always in control of what is happening, and you can stop any time. Many people feel very awake in this state of mind, and in depth of your being, your subconscious will only take on-board what is for your highest good and leave all that does not apply. You are in charge. I am only here to help you find your own solutions.

Q: Length of a session?
A: It varies according to the planning of the session. It can be between one hour and two hours. Block sessions are more successful in creating positive change.

Q: Confidentiality?
A: All that happens during a session is strictly confidential. Unless in exceptional circumstances where, by law, I am obligated to disclose informations.

Q: Accessibility?
A: There is free parking on the street if you are driving. A number of buses are within a few minutes walk. Please note that there is a flight of stair on arrival.

Q: Punctuality?
A: Please arrive on time to your appointment. I have no waiting room, so an early arrival means you will have to wait outside until the schedule time, arriving late and your session will be shorten at full fee.

Q: Cancellation Policy?
A: I have a 48h cancellation policy.