“Doing regression hypnosis with Isabelle Goutines has been an incredible experience. I have been able to explore, and transform blocages to various aspects of Abondance in my life. Isabelle created a safe place for me to feel comfortable to do this work to its fullest and what a strong experience it has been! She has been caring as well as precise and meticulous in her work as a mirror to my own subconscious mind, capturing my words, which has enabled me to grow in awareness on some aspects of myself and what came out of the work done in regression hypnosis. I am very grateful for the work we have done together and to find such wonderful therapist at my door step”


“I experienced regression hypnotherapy with Isabelle and found it very insightful. Not only was I able to regress to a past life as a Red Indian we went through different life episodes. Isabelle then used these to interpret how they can be usefully applied to my current life, in terms of dealing with ongoing issues and problems. She is totally empathic and also very thorough in her approach – totally recommend!”


“A very big thank you to Isabelle for a unique opportunity to
experience a past life regression. My own background is in Psychology
and Therapy and I have always been sceptical of past life memories
accessed through regression therapy. On top of that I was a little
nervous but Isabelle was very thorough in her approach and I was
enormously impressed by her preparation, professionalism, empathy and
care. Although still a little sceptical about the veracity of the
‘past life’, of much more importance is that it was the most
profoundly transformative and healing experience which enabled me to
identify and release a major emotional and psychological block in my
life. I understand that Isabelle is looking for more participants for her case study portfolio and I’m enormously indebted to Isabelle for my session of Regression Therapy and very grateful thanks for this unique opportunity! I can wholeheartedly recommend this experience to anyone.”