“I recommend Isabelle because she is authentic, compassionate, powerful with negative entities, knows how to handle sensitive people, or people in the worst ”bumpy” road. She has power in her aura and supports you if you are drained or have holes in your energy. She works with precision, respects your own way of perceiving reality.
If you are psychic, a healer, a person that has gone to many retreats but still you are not comfortable in your body, or feel strange…..GO TO HER.
If thoughtforms, programs or old oaths, are still choosing your love life, your money, your communication skills..and you are still not where you KNOW YOU DESERVE…GO TO HER.
If you never handled various good, or bad, or high or lower vibes, whisperings, or spirit openings or the social unconscious with a special tutoring in a BASIC, SIMPLE, the best for your SELF “”WAY””,–if I can say that– GO TO HER; she is the START and beginning of energy management .
She goes back to another life with you, or back into baby months, or any where that the wisdom of the body shows her to, but it all comes down to ACKNOWLEDGING, HANDLING, FINDING WHAT IS AUTHENTIC FOR YOU, and giving you the gentle power of the resources you both found together….I am so grateful for her help now I have tears in my eyes from this cooperation and for god that listened to my prayers.
She was so present and so in her heart and head with total balance, I ADMIRE her. Not for a moment did she look the other way or looked at the clock, even though this was very hard work!
The space is safe, her time precious as “INNER GIFTS” ARE straight from the creator.. excuse my english, I am greek, and I think with my heart.”


“I consulted Isabelle for an Akashic Records reading which I have to say was amazingly accurate and insightful. I then a session of healing for a particular problem and although the Healing was effective it didn’t fully resolve the problem so I followed up with several sessions of ‘Past Life’ Regression therapy which to my amazement completely resolved the problem and gave me a new lease of life. I have always been sceptical of past lives and was expecting that I would have to imagine such an experience however to my abject surprise out of nowhere I was in another life, with full memory and very deep emotions which were absolutely not mine, not in this life anyway. The result of several sessions was that my problem was completely resolved, I got my life back with clear focus, absolute clarity of my true life purpose and renewed energy to follow that path and have now started a business doing what I love and loving what I do. Isabelle is a true professional, very sensitive, full of empathy and a genuinely lovely person to work with. I would say that multiple sessions though not easy or comfortable and sometimes grimly emotional they are exponentially therapeutic.”


” I recommend working with Isabelle Goutines at Inner Gifts: I did two sets of regression hypnosis sessions with her. The first 2 sessions we did together were very powerful and insightful. Isabelle made me feel safe to go deep into the work: she is very professional, both intuitive and thorough in bringing out details key to unfold transformation. She holds the space with strength, energy and gentleness, all at the same time. Six months later, realising I did not go at the bottom of what i needed to work on, I decided to go back to her. I realise now that I had some resistance that only doing more than one session helped get over. Indeed, I was able, with her help, to feel familiar with the process, let go of those resistance and trust what was coming and tune in to the sensations in my body. I can now honestly say it was well worth persevering with the extra 4 sessions I took, which, when you think of it, is still less than what I would have spent with weekly sessions with other therapies. Since then, I have noticed a clear shift in me and already some impact in my life. It was a real transformative experience supported by the mix of visualisation, body work and healing experience (body, words, soul and mind).”


“Doing regression hypnosis with Isabelle Goutines has been an incredible experience. I have been able to explore, and transform blocages to various aspects of Abondance in my life. Isabelle created a safe place for me to feel comfortable to do this work to its fullest and what a strong experience it has been! She has been caring as well as precise and meticulous in her work as a mirror to my own subconscious mind, capturing my words, which has enabled me to grow in awareness on some aspects of myself and what came out of the work done in regression hypnosis. I am very grateful for the work we have done together and to find such wonderful therapist at my door step”


“I experienced regression hypnotherapy with Isabelle and found it very insightful. Not only was I able to regress to a past life as a Red Indian we went through different life episodes. Isabelle then used these to interpret how they can be usefully applied to my current life, in terms of dealing with ongoing issues and problems. She is totally empathic and also very thorough in her approach – totally recommend!”


“A very big thank you to Isabelle for a unique opportunity to
experience a past life regression. My own background is in Psychology
and Therapy and I have always been sceptical of past life memories
accessed through regression therapy. On top of that I was a little
nervous but Isabelle was very thorough in her approach and I was
enormously impressed by her preparation, professionalism, empathy and
care. Although still a little sceptical about the veracity of the
‘past life’, of much more importance is that it was the most
profoundly transformative and healing experience which enabled me to
identify and release a major emotional and psychological block in my
life. I understand that Isabelle is looking for more participants for her case study portfolio and I’m enormously indebted to Isabelle for my session of Regression Therapy and very grateful thanks for this unique opportunity! I can wholeheartedly recommend this experience to anyone.”