“I found Isabelle to be completely professional and very caring in the four hypnotherapy sessions we had. She was very clear and reassuring about hypnosis at the start which overcame any fears I might have had that I would not be in control or forced to act out-of- character, as in stage hypnosis. As the sessions continued, Isabelle was careful to explain that unexpected emotions or feelings could surface without making me feel that any particular emotion would be ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.
My hypnotherapy was for stress-related Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and I experienced some improvement in my symptoms right from the first session, which was very encouraging. Isabelle set up some targets which included symptom and medication reduction, so we had a very clear measure of how the therapy was progressing. Most surprising to me was that in our final feedback, I had completely forgotten that I had been through a potentially very stressful work experience since completing the hypnotherapy as I had not experienced any related IBS symptoms or taken any of the main medication I use to control them. Since my goal had been for the IBS to be forgotten and “as if it happened to someone else”, this was a real success.”


“The hypnotherapy sessions with Isabelle were always very deep, calming and transformational. They helped me to remove negative conscious and subconscious thoughts and programs which had been running in my head for a long time. These old patterns were controlling my life and they limited my ability to really enjoy my life and work fully. The sessions in themselves were very powerful, Isabelle is very thorough and enthusiastic about helping her clients to the best of her ability. They were also beautiful experiences for me and empowering too. I would highly recommend Isabelle’s hypnotherapy, she is kind and diligent and will help you to achieve what you want.”


“There is only one thing to say : thank you!
I made four sessions of hypnosis with Isabelle, all by Skype cause I’m in France but it worked perfectly! For the 2 first sessions I’ve only listened but for the 2 last I had to answer her under hypnosis which was for me the bests ones because I really faced what I needed to face. I came to see her because of my high degree of arachnophobia.
I might seem stupid to say but getting rid of your fears by hypnosis asks for courage. You might not be conscious but you still have to do the entire job by yourself. Only, for me It would not have been possible without Isabelle’s voice leading and cheering me. First you’re thinking that she’s speaking a bit funny and it makes you laugh, and then that voice become your only friend in front of the ugly things inside you.
Today, the work made with Isabelle gave me satisfaction beyond imagination. My days are different; I stopped jumping at every picture of a spider in the street, i can finally sleep peacefully and I even pushed my limits by getting in a vivarium to see some trap-door spiders!
It is more than amazing! As long as you accept to trust your therapist, you get rid of stupid things that rotted your life every day !
So thank you, thank you so much Isabelle for changing my life, really !”


“I undertook 6 sessions of hypnotherapy with Isabelle to try to lose some weight. I had not been exercising due to an injury and had gained too much weight and was feeling unhealthy and unsociable as a result. My goal was to lose 1 stone ( 6 kilos) over a 7 week interval.
After filling out a detailed questionnaire and discussion with Isabelle about my goals and how I felt at the time, she led me through various sessions of listening to stories and visualisations. She also provided me with a recording of each session to listen to at home, which reinforced the learning.
Each session was in a quiet, darkened room with me lying on the floor under a blanket, and Isabelle sitting by my side. The stories she told made me feel very relaxed but I always felt as though I was quite awake and in control, listening, relaxing and taking it in.
The stories and visualisation were based around making fundamental changes to my eating habits, all set in my favourite place, a deserted beach, a lovely image to relax in and visualise. The stories encompassed the themes of to eat only when hungry, have a glass of water instead of food, chew slowly and really taste and enjoy the food, eat slower, stop when you feel full, don’t feel like you have to finish the plate. And finally, only have one glass of wine.
The weight did come off slowly without big changes to my lifestyle and I reached my goal, so thank you Isabelle. I will keep listening to the recordings to reinforce the habits she has introduced as a long term project.”