“I recently received an Akashic Record treatment from Isabelle to assist with some current life issues. She impressed me with meticulous checks and scanning around my body as well as other aspects of my life. She cut some cords and removed unhelpful energy that I was carrying. She was also able to pick up on other aspects of life and offer suggestions and advise especially around energy management and support. Overall I felt great when leaving Isabelle’s space and felt the session has been of huge benefit to me. I would highly recommend a session with Isabelle 🌺”


“I stumbled upon Isabelle and she did an Akashic Record reading for me. I have visited various therapists over the years with some specific issues and her assessment and guidance were by far the best I have even encountered. She made some observations about my past and offered insights that no one else has come close to – and with those, they have given me new ways to approach the problems – and new insights!
I can 100% wholeheartedly recommend Isabelle – she is modest about her natural abilities and says they are mainly learnt over time – but to me she has a very special gift. Merci bien again!”


“Firstly, thank you so much for your reading. I have received one of the biggest messages from your akashic records reading, even though the telephone reading wasn’t my favorite way to connect with you.
During the reading, I can feel your passion with love toward to me, and I also felt surrounded by the positive energy.  The information gave by you was a “big” wisdom to me, and make me realized I should look around this world from higher respective. After the reading, I felt I was totally astounded by the message as I used to focus on what have I done wrong to come to this planet as the earth is full of suffering, pain, and lies, but now I felt it’s not important why I’m here anymore, instead of how can I contribute to change the states of the earth.
I have written this to express my emotions.
All souls original began from one place, from the place with the non-desire creativity. from the place with no separation, no suffering, no pain, no nothing, from the place of infinite and oneness. (Of course, this is from the information that been given by you. )
I’m still integrating from the reading, and I felt I have been slightly changed in some way, and I’m sure the change will continue with the more positive outcomes.
Once again, thank you so much for the akashic records reading.
Best Wishes with Lots Loves  Xxx”


“The explanation of the process and format of the akashic reading was explained clearly and covered all bases.
Can I just say that it was a amazing reading overall! .I gained some massive insights and a major shift has occurred post reading in my mentality and spirit, and the adivice to be reminded to be in the now and access nature and see love and affection everywhere.These qualities i’m day by day absorbing and integrating.
I have a lot of gratitude for your ability and sensitivity to handling the information presented by the masters, even when I tried to hurried the reading along.
Well done for delivering the purest of messages!”


“Receiving a reading from Isabelle was a very heart warming and deep
experience. After a lovely grounding and heart centering meditation,
she discribed the beautiful crystelline room this meditation lead her
to. She experienced the very same place I find myself in, when
contacting the Masters of the Akashic Records myself.
All my questions were answered in this session. Isabelle was able to
translate my issues into vivid simplistic examples, which almost
automatically presented solutions, and has herewith given me the tools
to overcome my specific difficulties. This has helped me perceiving
things differently, and a knowing, that I already have what I need.
She deepened my resolve by guiding me to Universal Healing point,
which enabled me to release my old patterns. In the days following the
reading, my days automatically felt less cluttered, I have been able
to become more focused and calm.
…..and who wouldn’t love to listen to Isabelle’s beautiful voice,
with just a hint af a lovely French accent. Thank you so much,


“Received some incredible guidance from Isabelle today! Cannot thank you enough for your words and support, just what I needed at this stage in my journey. So reassuring to have someone understand your feelings and nudge you in the right direction. Look forward to working with you in the future!”


“I was given an incredibly detailed reading by Isabelle of one of my past lives which is affecting my current life situation. I was blown away by her description of my feelings, emotions and thoughts as well as the events that shaped my current karmic experience. It helped me see more clearly what needs to be healed. Thank you, Isabelle, for taking me on that amazing journey, you are unbelievably gifted.”


“Isabelle gave me an excellent troubleshooting chakra reading for which I am hugely grateful. The reading offered practical guidance with a step by step plan of implementation action for as they say, positive integrative outcomes. It was an ace reading: practical guidance, heart centred and all round lovely. Thank you Isabelle, it was perfect timing and I was lucky to have a reading from you.”